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I'm on acer Aspire laptop. I have mounted an ISO image of windows 7 and copied it to a USB drive with NTSF format and flagged as root. I haven't parted my disk for the installation. when i try to boot using the USB nothing happens , . How do i install windows and also save the files if i can .I am also very bad at these things which is why i am trying to install windows


You can't simply copy the image to a usb formatted as ntfs. You have to do a bit level copy. Copy every bit on the iso to the usb so the usb looks like it is an exact copy of that iso.

Use this command to create your disk with your windows iso: 'sudo dd if= of='. iso_path needs to be an absolute, or relative path to your iso image. disk_path needs to be the path to your usb's dev node file in the /dev directory.

You can find out what the usb is mounted as by running 'sudo udevadm monitor' and plug in your usb to see what udev mounts it as. Then use the path it shows, such as /dev/sdb, or /dev/sdc. Do not use the # it displays after sdX. Those stand for partitions.

Boot your disk and install over the whole disk!


Maybe you didn't correctly copy the ISO to the USB drive. If you did that using ubuntu you can :

  • use "Startup Disk Creator" ( Easy GUI method )
  • use the 'dd' command : "sudo dd conv=sync bs=4M if=/path/to/your/iso of=/dev/sdX" with X the letter corresponding to your USB drive. Be really sure that you're using the good one for the 'of' parameter. You can check which letter is corresponding to your USB drive using for example GParted.

Either way you need to make sure that the USB drive is not mounted, otherwise this is not going to work.


I suggest that you use mkusb-nox (in text mode) or the new guidus (with a graphical user interface). These tools can create USB install drives with Windows 7-10, and they do the same thing under the hood. See the following links,


Making a USB drive to install Windows

enter image description here


enter image description here


This answer is for the last part of your question only. You cannot install Windows without formatting the whole HDD/SSD, so if you have any data that you want to keep, you should make a copy of it in a flash disk, CD/DVD (If that's your thing), or upload it to a cloud, and when you finish installing Windows you can put your stuff back.

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