Ubuntu: Installation of Ubuntu dually with Windows 7 using wubi


i am Jay.. i've been trying to install ubuntu dually with windows 7 using wubi.

this error message pops " could not retrieve the required disk image files "

here's the log file> c:\users\jay-o\appdta\local\temp\wubi-12.04-rev266.log

i took the following steps in attempting the installation:

  1. downloaded the wubi.exe file from https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop

  2. converted the .exe file to .iso since the error message above popped

  3. moved both of the to an empty file

  4. ran the installation as administrator

  5. tried getting help from you.


Wubi installs are no longer supported.

Use the standard Ubuntu installer to install Ubuntu either by itself, or in a dual-boot configuration. You could also install Virtualbox into Windows, and Ubuntu into Virtualbox.

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