Ubuntu: I cannot access my files on the other Ubuntu computer


I have two computers, first one have Ubuntu 16.10 and Ethernet Card support(10/100/1000mb)-(Laptop). Second one have Ubuntu 16.04 and Ethernet card (Support 10/100mb)-( as server)

so I've shared files from the server so I can access it via the laptop

both computer are connected using Ethernet on the same local network

When I try to access files from the laptop to the server I can't, but if I disconnect the Ethernet from laptop and switch to Wi-Fi then I can access the files on the server.

So my guess is because the server has an old network card(Support 10/100mb) which is not compatible with the new network card in the laptop(10/100/1000mb).

so guys can you tell me a solution for this issue? is it possible to access the files on the server using my laptop Ethernet or I should replace the server network card or what?


Update here is a picture from my router: check it out

I think because the router divide the Lan's into levels, so that's why I cannot connect from the laptop to the server right?



Working within linux I suggest that you run openssh-server in the 'server'. Then you can log in via ssh and access files via sftp or use a graphical user interface for example 'Files' alias nautilus. At first you can log in with password, but it is a good idea to log in with SSH keys and disable log in with password (to increase the security).

In the following example the server has the IP address Use your server's address. The following screenshots show login using password with 'Files'.






You can also log in remotely with a text user interface.

ssh guru@  

and use the option -X to make it possible to run graphical programs

ssh -X guru@  

like this example with 'Disk Usage Analyzer' alias baobab

enter image description here


Windows can connect via WinSCP or Filezilla to an SSH server.


So I've figure this out, the problem as I thought its because the Ethernet card speed, so here is what I did:

  1. I bought an external USB-Ethernet card which support 1000 speed.
  2. Install the driver and configure it on my server.
  3. connect to the router.
  4. restart the router and both of my computers ( Laptop & server).
  5. now I can access my files on the server via the laptop.

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