Ubuntu: How to share Ubuntu terminal GUI screen from current network to different network?


I want to give direct remote connection of Ubuntu terminal through the VPN. Is this possible?


You don't need a terminal. Use a ssh connection. Install ssh on both machines via

sudo apt-get install ssh  

ssh is a meta-package, that contains the client and the server.

and connect via

ssh user@host  


Your question isn't clear as to whether you want the terminal as in the command line or the terminal as in the computer--terminal could mean either. Regardless, the answer to your question is yes; you can remotely connect to a terminal over VPN.

As A.B notes, you can use ssh, which definitely the easiest way to use the command line remotely. If you want to work with the GUI session and not the command line, there are many utilities available. One is NX Technology, which is a cross platform remote desktop standard that operates over a modified SSH session. You can find more information about it on the web; I found out about it from http://vtechworks.lib.vt.edu/bitstream/handle/10919/33444/DePoy_DR_T_2012.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y.

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