Ubuntu: How to Read HD when only booting to Bios with dual-boot Windows 10 and 15.10?


Brand new Asus Zenbook UX305FA, came with Win 8 installed--upgraded to Win8.1, then to Win 10 prelim; dual boot with Ubuntu 15.10;

I've had no problems with this machine as setup for the past 2 weeks I've owned it, until this afternoon. In the airport I was using the machine in Windows to write some documents, I fly home, open it up, reboot it and bam--it ONLY boots into the BIOS.

I've read at least 100 articles on the net about disabling UEFI and fast boot mode and security and all this crap--also went ahead and made a Super Grub2 Disk repair USB disk and tried that, to no avail--just says it won't boot anything because it's invalid.

  • I cannot read /dev/sda (my only SSD on the machine) from linux.
  • I can however read (hd0,1) from Super Grub2 and see the /boot/grub/ folder and the files, all EFI.

MBR is likely screwed, no idea why the hell this happened... any suggestions to recover my data or is this toast?

[paste does not exist]

Hardware: Asus Zenbook UX305FA
Ubuntu: 15.10
Dual-boot: Windows 10


The main errors from your boot repair are:

Invalid MBR Signature found.  ERROR: asr: reading /dev/sda[Input/output error]  

So it looks like your SSD is broken. HDDs die a horrible death like cancer: slowly they get worse and worse, until they finally die whereas SSDs die a quick and painful death like a heart attack: they just die suddenly.

You have just one (very small) chance that the SSD got loose from its bay while you were flying: open up the HDD bay, remove the SSD, re-insert it and try again. If that doesn't help, return the laptop to the store and get it repaired under warranty.

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