Ubuntu: How to install Ubuntu on Windows XP


I want to install Ubuntu 10.10 version but I don't about that one. Sir Is the internet required to install ubuntu. Sir please tell me in detail and can I get boot disc freely from you by application


Ubuntu is all internet dependant, though you don't need it to install it. The reason for that is its internet-based application dependencies solving and community support.

To get Ubuntu for free, you will have to download the image of the disk yourself. If you would like a pre-burned copy shipped, you can buy whichever you need here: http://shop.canonical.com/index.php?cPath=17 , though that only allows you to get many copies at a time.

Oh, and also, a piece of advise: don't use wubi (the Ubuntu installer that installs Ubuntu from Windows) for anything important. It is good for trying out, but bad for everything else.

A bit of personal experience from running on a computer with absolutely no internet: very, very difficult to work with. At least I could download the needed packages on my machine that does have internet, though that is very inefficient.

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