Ubuntu: How to download HTTRACK on my computer?


httrack is a program so that you can copy a website. I downloaded the file from their website for linux based computers and then extracted the files but now if I go and look for the file. I can't run the program or anything, it just appears as a bunch of random files such as html, lang, libtest, etc…

How can I actually run the file? Im a newbie to linux so please give simple instructions.


If you do not know that you can find the source code in this directory, then you'd better install the package via apt with this command

sudo apt-get install httrack  

and all is fine and you can start httrack via terminal to download the internet ;)

httrack "http://www.google.com/" -O "/tmp/www.google.com"  

No, sorry, replace google.com with your target URL.

The hard way:

  1. Install a helper

    sudo apt-get install checkinstall  
  2. Compile and install

    cd  wget http://download.httrack.com/httrack-3.48.21.tar.gz  tar xf httrack-3.48.21.tar.gz  cd httrack-3.48.21  ./configure  make  sudo checkinstall  

    You could also use sudo make install instead of sudo checkinstall.


As more than an alternative you can use wget to retrieve remote web pages.

wget is a treasure. You can do lots of things you can't imagine.

I also tried httrack in the past, it's my favorite in Windows platform. When I switched to Ubuntu I also tried it again but it was not I expected then I happened to know merits of wget. I made myself a .bashrc command which I use it frequently.

crwl() {      wget --tries=inf --timestamping --recursive --level=inf --convert-links --page-requisites --no-parent "$@"  }  

Copy above function into your .bashrc Then source your .bashrc file from your terminal in user directory or logout and login.

source .bashrc   

It's my function as it is, you can modify it to your needs.

You can use it like this:

crwl www.site.com/somelink  

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