Ubuntu: How to access mounted drive using terminal if drive contain space in name?


Here I am having some problem that how to access any NTFS drive that I have mounted. I want to access that drive using terminal and for that I have used

cd /media/{username}/{drive-name} but in my case drive contains space in its name so for that I am not able to connect my drive using terminal help me for that.. please


Put the name in between double quotes (") but you can also escape the space or use the tab to auto-complete. These will work:

cd /media/rinzwind/"disc world"  cd /media/rinzwind/disc\ world  

But this will work too:

cd /media/rinzwind/disc{tab}  

and the last one will add the remainer and escape the input.


mkdir "tmp tmp"  $ cd tmp\ tmp/  

where I hit the tab after the 1st "t".

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