Ubuntu: HOW should I go about getting Xubuntu to run a proprietary Windows/Mac browser plugin? [closed]


I'm exploring bringing Linux into a client's manufacturing environment, and nearly all their production tasks run on a system called Plex Manufacturing Cloud. It supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but it requires a proprietary browser plugin, especially when accessing the Zebra label printers they use to track inventory.

Does anyone see a path for me to bring Linux workstations into this environment? Frankly they're too cheap to upgrade a lot of their machines from Win XP so I'm trying to offer them a more secure system.


The browser plug-in is incompatible with Linux.

However you can try to install Firefox and its corresponding plug-in in Wine. Printing should work from Wine if the printer is supported by Ubuntu via CUPS.

Alternatively you can set up a virtual machine with Windows and take it from there.

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