Ubuntu: How do I share remaining SSD space among Ubuntu partitions while dual booting Windows 10(pre-installed) and Ubuntu?


Due to some crashes I had on Ubuntu, I decided to reinstall the OS.

I have a laptop with 500 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM. It already has Windows 10 installed on it. 300 GB of the total disk space(500 GB SSD) of laptop is occupied by two partitions (one of 120GB - Windows partition, the other of 180GB). I want to dual boot it with Ubuntu. I'll be using Ubuntu to compile Android Custom ROMs and one source file is ~30GB.

Any ideas on how should I share the rest of the 200GB between the Ubuntu partitions?

I use to use the default scheme for this. I'm using W10 for video editing and need a bit of space (avisynth uses .avi format which takes a lot of space) and I tried to separate the whole SSD for both of the OS. I used to have a 1GB HDD before, but it broke. So I bought the next big thing I could with the money I had, which is the Samsung SSD 500GB. Until now I had 20GB on root. 24GB on swap and the rest were on home.

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