Ubuntu: How do I finish installing Ubuntu after it froze? [closed]


I was installing Ubuntu and I got to setting a username. I typed in a username then I tried typing a password but it froze. So I x'ed out the terminal and restarted my computer (HP Chromebook 14).

When it opened up I clicked ctrl+d and opened the computer. I went back to the terminal with ctrl+alt+t and typed ''shell'' hit enter and then typed

$ sudo sh -e ~Downloads/crouton -t unity   /usr/local/chroots/precise already has stuff in it!  Either delete it, specify a different name (-n), or specify -u to update it.     

What do I do now?


Just went through this myself. It actually didn't freeze when you went to type your password in, the cursor just doesn't move with you for that part. If you just type the password in and then enter, it will prompt you to type it in again and then you're all set. I don't know how to update it so the only way I can help is by telling you how to delete it and you'll need to install it again.

Type in: "sudo delete-chroot precise" (without the quotations) I think you may have to delete the crouton folder in Chrome downloads and re-download that too but try it first as is. Hope this helps!

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