Ubuntu: How do I backup my Ubuntu Phone?


How do I backup my Ubuntu Phone so I can restore it to the same state after a factory reset? To specify, I'm looking for the following:

  • Backup configuration
  • Backup apps
  • Backup app configuration
  • Backup files

Copying the /home/phablet/ folder will save the files, but does this also save all the config files and programs?


I made a little script to make backing up the phone easier. It's on github.



  • Backing up the /home/phablet folder will backup everything except the apps.
  • You can get a list of all installed apps by running click list on your phone. You will have to reinstall these manually.

Apps are installed in an number of places and trigger other things like apparmor profile processing so there is no easy way to backup those.

Source: comment by @popey

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