Ubuntu: How come when I view a website, like Adobe or Godaddy Jolly Wallet pops up?


Whenever I visit a website like Adobe.com or Godaddy I get a banner like this,

Adobe: Jolly Wallet on Adobe.com

Godaddy: Jolly Wallet on Godaddy


This is probably because you've installed Webpage Screenshot Capture, a popular Chrome extension with malware.

They do say this on the Extension Download Page

【Adsã€'* Webpage Screenshot not inject ads or change content of any site! We are testing new feature. Small amount of the users may see the jollywallet bar on some e-commerce websites. This is not an ad, This is a cash-back platform. You can disable it from the settings page without losing any features as well. Existing users will get notified about this change. More info: http://goo.gl/yWkk3b

Simply uninstall Webpage Screenshot Capture.

This app embeds all kinds of awkward includes when you view these sites and should be viewed as a security concern,


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