Ubuntu: How can a TrueCrypt hidden volume of greater than 2 TB be created?


I want to create a hidden TrueCrypt volume within an 8 TB USB drive. When I try to format in order to create the outer volume, I am presented with the following message:

Error: The hidden volume to be created is larger than 2 TB (2048 GB).    Possible solutions:  - Create a container/partition smaller than 2 TB.  - Use a drive with 4096-byte sectors to be able to create partition/device-hosted hidden volumes up to 16 TB in size.  

It looks like this:

I have previously encrypted a 4 TB drive successfully with TrueCrypt, so the first option does not make sense to me. I do not know how to think about the second option; if it means buying a new hard drive, then that is not a realistic suggestion.

What should I do?


You need to use GPT for partitions larger than 2Tb. Booting such a partition it is not supported.

MBR has a limit of 2TB.

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