Ubuntu: How can I install an older version of Firefox in Ubuntu 14.04?


I have installed Ubuntu 14.04, which already has Firefox v31. I want to install an older version of Firefox. How can i do it?


This page has all the deb packages of Firefox from 3.5 to the newest version.


To use two or more versions of firefox (which maybe some older versions).

Download the older version of firefox from the archive: Mozilla.org_ftp_site

Unzip somewhere.

Next open terminal and use the following command to add a new firefox user.

firefox --no-remote -P

Create a new user, take note of the user-name. (Different users will have unique user data, bookmarks etc...)

Next, create a launcher for the 'firefox' you just unzip. Go inside the unzipped folder , there you will find a firefox file (binary) which launches the program. When creating the launcher, update the command as:

/path/to/unzipped/firefox --no-remote -P "<user-name>"

Use link to know about creating a launher : Creating launcher in Ubuntu

And now, with this launcher the newly downloaded version of firefox can be used. Important - check the build version to verify.

In the url bar about: to check the build version.


If you want to install an older version of Firefox (and I dare to guess that's because the new australis UI? ) at least use the firefox-esr version.

Firefox-ESR = Firefox Extendend Support Release, and at least you will have the latest security updates.

You can download and use the latest Firefox-ESR release from the Official Firefox page.


I have created some srciprts for this puprose that are hosted at github. You can download the appropriate one and execute it. (click the raw button to download the script)

The scripts need root privileges in order to execute them, because they will download and write some files inside /opt/ directory.

If you want to read the script before you execute it (and this is always a good thing to do), you can do so with a text editor (like gedit or nano) or directly at github page.

The github page is here.


Check this link: Mozilla FTP site. You can download your desired version, but note that these are not .deb files. You will need to extract the .tar.gz files, and run the firefox binary.


For Ubuntu Trusty and Xenial exists new Jonathon F's PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonathonf/firefox-esr  sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install firefox-esr  

It maybe very useful because of new Firefox add-on policy.
I have installed 10 add-ons and 9 of them are marked as LEGACY.


Here are some clear instructions for downgrading to an older version of Firefox in Ubuntu 12.04. I did it and it worked fine. Now that I've upgraded my Ubuntu to 14.04, Firefox 31.0 is dragging like crazy...very slow and unresponsive. So I'm getting ready to try this with 14.04. I don't see why it wouldn't work for 14.04.

Here's the link https://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/how-to-install-previous-versions-of-firefox-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/

One precaution, though. Almost immediately after the older version starts up, it will likely automatically update to the newest version! As soon as you start up the older version, you have to go to Edit > Preferences > Advanced button > Update tab... and uncheck the "automatically download newest version" box. If you don't get to it fast enough, I couldn't figure out how to interupt the download and installation. I tried again and just moved faster on it and got the box unchecked before it could start the upgrade and it worked.

It's all terminal commands so I assume if it's not going to work on 14.04, a bad command error will let me/you know.

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