Ubuntu: How can I download all files from webdav page?


My wget version is 1.16. I'm tried download video files from webdav page.

Command like this:

wget --http-user=user-id --http-password=password -nd -nH  "http://www.url.com/video/some/"  

But I can downloaded only index.html file. What is problem in my command?


Try to enclose links in quotes if it throws syntax errors, international characters are converted to unicode by default. wget accepts multiple arguments simultaneously.

Runnning wget with quotes over all three links from the comment was successfull, not to mention my wget is lower by version than yours, i.e. 1.15.

wget "http://tinymin.asuscomm.com/toby/some_file.mp4" "http://tinymin.asuscomm.com/toby/some_unresolvable_name.mp4" "http://tinymin.asuscomm.com/toby/even_more_scary_name.mp4"  

Note: also, do not leave right slash at the end of the link as it directs wget to the wrong way (it treats those links as directories).

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