Ubuntu: ejabberdctl not found in bash Ubuntu(installing ejabberd)


Here is the site I tried to use as a manual:

How To Install eJabberd XMPP Server on Ubuntu | DigitalOcean

I was trying to install ejabberd with applying the tutorials in many site to my VM which is ubuntu but I am stuck in the beginning. After I wrote

sudo  apt-get update  sudo apt-get -y install ejabberd  

it installs ejabberd. But when I try to write the following

ejabberdctl register admin localhost mypassword  

it says ejabberdctl not found. I also tried to restart it with but it is still same.

sudo service ejabberd restart  


ejabberdctl is owned by root with 550 permissions installed in /usr/sbin meaning that non-root users can not execute the binary. Try:

sudo ejabberdctl register admin localhost mypassword  

sudo elevates your privileges to root in that terminal (after entering a password) thus giving you access to the binary.

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