Ubuntu: dual boot w/ linux/mac native file support


I think I have already read about this somewhere, though I can't remember exactly where. Was something to do with switching usertype or something along those lines on MacOSX. Basically what I want to do is dual boot MacOSX and Linux on my Macbook and have access to files on both systems with no problems (if that's even possible). I have already got dual boot but I cannot write/access certain files on my Mac boot drive (not to mention any HFS+ drives) and I cannot even mount the Linux boot drive while on MacOSX, just doesn't show up anywhere.

Apologize in advance, a bit of a noob, just eager to learn. If anybody can help out, much appreciated. Thank you


This looks the closest to what I was looking for, found it just reading up on other things, figured if anybody else has similar concerns it would help them out. Good old LifeHacker!

enter link description here

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