Ubuntu: Desktop zoomed in after fresh install


Before anyone marks this as already answered then I'll stop you there as all their fixes doesn't work for me.

Long story short (not really) this is my 5th install of Ubuntu (all previous installs not working so not a good first impression) and after fresh install on a separate hard drive I bought after partitioning not working I log in my desktop and it is zoomed in (possibly bottom right?) and everything I try leads to another problem. First I tried to install nvidia drivers and I get unable to fetch errors, I do it through the menus but I cannot even access anything so it has to be in the terminal, I try zoom in and out zoom works fine but no taskbars on the left or top instead it makes my window the same size as the screen. As you can see one problem leads to another. All I can do is right click, I've managed to get to all settings through 'change desktop background' but not all settings actually show due to the window size.

Every fix I find doesn't seem to help me as this is my first time logging on so I have no additional software doing it and all other fix tells me to go into a program or a menu which I cannot.

I am very stuck with only being able to right click so any help is appreciated!


Bit of info: The resolution is set to 640x480 and I cannot change it through the menu or terminal, then I go to install drivers and then another issue and so on...

What I did to try to get the drivers was

sudo apt-get install nvidia-367  

I'm sure 375 is the latest for me but 367 was the only one that did anything but it comes up with 'failed to fetch' along with 'temporary failures'.


Run these steps to install the nvidia Drivers.

$ sudp apt update  $ sudo apt upgrade  $ sudo apt-get install nvidia-current-updates  $ sudo apt-get install nvidia-367  


Try setting your best resolution using xrandr command mentioned here and see if it works for you.

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