Ubuntu: Custom Ubuntu 16.04 Installer with Pinguy Builder Cannot log in using Live CD


I have created an iso using Pinguy Builder and used both Startup Disk Creator and Etcher to create bootable usb external hard drive. No errors, boots ok, but cannot log in. My original Ubuntu installation that I used to create the iso displays my name, ie John Smith and just asks for password, it shows also as Guest Session. My user directory is john and in terminal mode it shows the prompt as john@john-HP-Notebook. If i type in whoami it tells me i am john.

I have tried all combinations using john, john@john-HP-Notebook, guest and am aware linux is case sensitive, I have also tried defaults like Ubuntu/blank, ubuntu/blank, ubuntu/ubuntu, Ubuntu/ubuntu - I can log in easily on the system from which the iso was created but cannot log in on the system created from the iso - lost for ideas - please help - thanks guys

On further investigation it seems with Pinguy builder if you use dist option there is no user or pass required when you boot from usb / cd but if you use backup you have tom enter the user/pass of the system from which the iso was created - however it does not actually match any combinations so you cannot log in to your backed up system - furthermore it then remembers these settings so after doing a backup dist systems also require user / pass of original system which seems to be a bug - if you create a new distribution you should not have to give your user / pass away to all users - but does not really matter as you cannot log in even with your user / pass so if anyone knows what pinguy builder backup uses as user pass that will be great so I can actually use my backed up system......


This Solved it for me:

The problem is that VirtualBox sets up users (vbox_sf for shared folders) as userid 999. But casper (the app that controls the "live cd system") hard codes the Pinguy Builder userid as 999 also! So this means that the "live" user isn't ever created (since 999 already exists!). The solution is to give a different uid to the casper created user.

This terminal command will make the change for you automagically:

sed -i -e 's@user-uid [0-9]*@user-uid 990@' /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/casper-bottom/25adduser  

To interpret this command, in the 25adduser file, I am changing "user-uid 999" to "user-uid 990". You can just manually make that edit if you want but thought others may enjoy the sed one-liner to do it automagically.

After this fix, I am no longer faced with the "login screen" when starting the live system: it auto-logs-in just as it should!

There really should be a casper patch to move away from the hard-coded uid, maybe it could be a Pinguy Builder variable in /etc/PinguyBuilder.conf but for now the hack to change that uid to something OTHER THAN 999 seems to work!

Reference: http://disq.us/p/12n951t

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