Ubuntu: Continue download if network adapter is changed


If an application is downloading something, and I switch my network adapter, using the Unity indicator, the download stalls.

For example, if I am installing software using apt, and I activate the Wi-Fi adapter, and then I deactivate the wired Ethernet adapter, the package download stops. Note that apt does not crash or terminate; it just stops processing if it needs to continue downloading packages, and I have to user CTRL-C to interrupt it.

This same issues happens if I am downloading something in Firefox or Chrome.

Is there a way to make running applications automatically switch to using the newly activated network adapter and continue the download(s)?


What you are asking for is called "roaming". Here are two quite old Ubuntu pages about it, to give you an idea :



I don't know what the current state of network roaming for NetworkManager is, but this at least gives you the keywords "network roaming" to search for. Apart from this you can look at Download Managers like uget and wget.

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