Ubuntu: Command not found integrated terminal of Ubuntu


VS code Version 1.7.2
Commit 7ba55c5860b152d999dda59393ca3ebeb1b5c85f
Date 2016-11-21T22:14:18.217Z
Shell 1.3.8
Renderer 52.0.2743.82
Node 6.5.0

I'm working on Visual Code with WebWorks mobile application, when I try to call the command webworks on the integrated terminal I get Command not found!

It seems for me as the current user lack access to that program because the root can access it?

root@abd-SATELLITE-C855-2CE:~# whereis webworks  webworks: /root/BB10 WebWorks SDK /root/BB10 WebWorks SDK  root@abd-SATELLITE-C855-2CE:~#   

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Open Webworks HTML5 project. 2. Run Webworks gives : abd@abd-SATELLITE-C855-2CE:/root/WebWorks Projects/TimeTacker$ webworks webworks: command not found


I assume that "/root/WebWorks Projects/TimeTacker" isn't in $PATH, so to run webworks out of current directory, you will have to run:



After re-installing the webworks on user home directory the problem fixed. Screenshot

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