Ubuntu: Can't install Ubuntu, mother board problem i think


I have a little big problem. 4-5 months ago, I changed my video card from R7 240 to gtx 970, ok fine, but now i have some problems.

My pc: FX 6300 motherboard: AsRock 980DE3/U3S3

Some of problems:

  1. When I try to install Ubuntu, shows me that loading screen, and then, restart and black screen. and i need to pull the plug and open again because is frozen ( not only this os )
  2. When I want to enter in Windows I need to enter in bios and leave ( i don't know the reason but when I don't do this, windows loading and then gray screen)

    I don't think is from video card, I think I should update the bios or buy another mother board.. because I want to install Ubuntu and I can't..

Thanks for helping :)

sorry for my english btw


Your BIOS probably contains settings like AHCI mode or "Legacy" mode or other boot options.

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