Ubuntu: Can I install Ubunutu as dual boot without partitioning the hard drive on which I will install it? [closed]


I'm trying to install Ubuntu to dual boot with Windows 10. I want to install it on my hard drive, which is not the SSD that my windows 10 is installed on. However, when I go to partition my F: drive, there is no available space to shrink on the drive, despite the fact that there's like 200 unused gb on it. I tried using gparted but its not working with my bios (gives me an error with secure boot, which I can't seem to turn off).

So my question is this: Does it matter if I can't partition a bit of my F: drive? Will that be taken care of when I install ubuntu alongside Windows?


You certainly need a separate partition to install, if you don't want your data on the selected partition wiped. When installed Ubuntu will be able to mount the other partitions and read data of them.

You don't need linux or other non-native windows tools to recover free space for a partition. Use Windows tool for partition, then when you boot with the Ubuntu Installation media (CD or USB), Ubuntu will recognize the partition and prompt you to select whether to install on the free partition or wipe over the Windows partition. This is an outline, can't give exact directions because I dual-booted my computers starting with Windows 7, not 10. Win7 has the Disk Management tool built in. From what I read Win10 has the same tool - Check this page for the built-in tool and additional 9 options. It's a very plain task, I suggest use the built-in Microsoft tool. To find the tool type "Partition" or "Disk Management" at Windows Search.

Do not bother formatting the freed space or anything, just leave the free space. Ubuntu Installation will take it from there.

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