Ubuntu: Can I enable lapto mode without laptop-mode-tools


I have been reading on the forums that laptop mode is a feature in new Linux kernels that could enhance battery life. I am very frantic about battery on my laptop and I want to make sure I have everything set up properly so that I can increase the battery life as much as possible. So my question is: Can I enable laptop mode without having laptop-mode-tools installed? I am asking because I have tlp + powertop installed and they seem to be doing quite a nice job, and laptop-mode-tools is said to interfere with tlp. Thanks very much in advance.


laptop_mode is just one of many powersave features. TLP enables laptop_mode by default. So no need to change anything.

Proof: see the output of tlp-stat (on battery!):

+++ File System  /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode = 2  

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