Ubuntu: After installing cinnamon ,can't change access ubuntu wallpapers


After installing cinnamon by removing ubuntu 14.04 unity with steps from This Link

I am unable to see and change trusty wallpapers from control center in cinnamon.

Need help ...


You need to click the "Add" button and add the individual files you wish to choose from.

Or, if you're feeling up to it, copy your favourite wallpapers to $HOME/.cinnamon/backgrounds and they'll be in the list when you open the Cinnamon background chooser/changer.

Or, even better, just make backgrounds a symbolic link to /usr/share/backgrounds/ and you'll have access to all your old Ubuntu wallpapers.


I had a similar issue, for me the problem was related to '.cinnamon' not being owned by my user.

Go to your home, type ll and check if the folder .cinnamon is owned by your user. If not, execute the following command:

sudo chown {your_user} .cinnamon  

To be sure, I also created the folder backgrounds inside .cinnamon.

After these steps, it worked for me.

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