Tutorial :Where can I find visio shapes for software development?


Anyone have any ideas on where to get a really nice collection of visio shapes, e.g for the following purposes:

  • network diagrams
  • shapes to show solution deployments
  • any other fancy looking diagrams for software development?


Pavel Hruby has some nice stencils for UML and SysML on his site. I use the UML stencils all the time, because they are a lot easier to use than the ones provided by visio.


There is a nice bunch of visio shapes for gui mockups here.


(1) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=6297CF81-C071-4BEA-BD9D-FDE692536E5A&displaylang=f&displaylang=en

The above URL now redirects to:


The above URLS (at the time of writing) take me to a page titled:

"Software and Database Shapes for Microsoft Visio"

Below is another option. Some are "for pay".

(2) http://www.visiocafe.com/microsoft.htm

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