Tutorial :set a default page in dynamic data


i am trying to set up a default page for my dynamic data website.. the problem is that its a template

so it would be something like this: Orders/List.aspx

can anyone please help me out with this..


Owais F


You can create a Default.aspx page outside of your DynamicData folder as the default and just have that page redirect to the Orders/List.aspx page.

protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e) {     Response.Redirect("Orders/List.aspx");  }  


So you are saying you want the default page in one directory to take you to a page in another directory?

I don't believe you can do that, rather, you have to have the ASPX page in the directory redirect to the page in the other directory.


There's no problem with using a template for your default page. You need to set up the virtual directory properly in IIS. Read this information, it should help.

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