Tutorial :Return index value datetime.now.dayofweek but how?


is there any function of datetime return dayofweekindex? such as:
int Todaywhat_is_Index= = DateTime.Now.IndexOfDayofThisWeek;
if Today is friday, it must be return 5
ifToday is Saturday, it must be return 6
ifToday is Sunday, it must be return 0


Yes, check DateTime.DayOfWeek.

Please note this depends on the regional settings (here in Europe Monday is the first day of the week).


This little one-liner works independent of locale, with always Friday == 5

int x = (int)System.Globalization.CultureInfo          .InvariantCulture.Calendar.GetDayOfWeek(DateTime.Now);  


Try this:

 int dayOfWeek;   dayOfWeek = (int)System.DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek - (int)System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat.FirstDayOfWeek + 1  

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