Tutorial :I would like some help with an autoroller im coding in javascript


I have a game that requires you to click on an object to collect prizes, but instead of giving my user carpel tunnel I want to create an autoroller. I have some code done already but I cant get it to work. If there is anyone out there that would be able to help me get this code working, it would be greatly appreciated.



Since you didn't give a very specific description of your problem, I'll give you a somewhat vague answer. However, you may find it helpful:

  • When the user clicks on the object to collect prizes, bind the window.scrollTo() method to the document's mousemove event.
  • Each time the mousemove event is fired, it can kick off the scrollTo event.
  • Look for changes in the y parameter, and scroll + or -

I don't actually recommend creating this behavior, though (in terms of usability). You may want to think of a better way to layout the prize selection so it is more intuitive to the user.


MooTools has an autoscroller, as does jQuery.

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