Tutorial :How to find whether a number belongs to a particular range in Python?


Suppose I want to check if x belongs to range 0 to 0.5. How can I do it?


No, you can't do that. range() expects integer arguments. If you want to know if x is inside this range try some form of this:

print 0.0 <= x <= 0.5  

Be careful with your upper limit. If you use range() it is excluded (range(0, 5) does not include 5!)


print 'yes' if 0 < x < 0.5 else 'no'  

range() is for generating arrays of consecutive integers


I would use the numpy library, which would allow you to do this for a list of numbers as well:

from numpy import array  a = array([1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,])  a[a < 2]  


>>> s = 1.1  >>> 0<= s <=0.2  False  >>> 0<= s <=1.2  True  


Old faithful:

if n >= a and n <= b:  

And it doesn't look like Perl (joke)


if num in range(min, max):    """do stuff..."""  else:    """do other stuff..."""  


To check whether some number n is in the inclusive range denoted by the two number a and b you do either

if   a <= n <= b:      print "yes"  else:      print "no"  

use the replace >= and <= with > and < to check whether n is in the exclusive range denoted by a and b (i.e. a and b are not themselves members of the range).

Range will produce an arithmetic progression defined by the two (or three) arguments converted to integers. See the documentation. This is not what you want I guess.

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