Tutorial :How can I read system information in Python on OS X?


Following from this OS-agnostic question, specifically this response, similar to data available from the likes of /proc/meminfo on Linux, how can I read system information from OS X using Python (including, but not limited to memory usage).


You can get a large amount of system information from the command line utilities sysctl and vm_stat (as well as ps, as in this question.)

If you don't find a better way, you could always call these using subprocess.


The only stuff that's really nicely accesible is available from the platform module, but it's extremely limited (cpu, os version, architecture, etc). For cpu usage and uptime I think you will have to wrap the command line utilities 'uptime' and 'vm_stat'.

I built you one for vm_stat, the other one is up to you ;-)

import os, sys    def memoryUsage():        result = dict()        for l in [l.split(':') for l in os.popen('vm_stat').readlines()[1:8]]:          result[l[0].strip(' "').replace(' ', '_').lower()] = int(l[1].strip('.\n '))        return result    print memoryUsage()  


I did some more googling (looking for "OS X /proc") -- it looks like the sysctl command might be what you want, although I'm not sure if it will give you all the information you need. Here's the manpage: http://developer.apple.com/DOCUMENTATION/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man8/sysctl.8.html

Also, wikipedia.


Here's a MacFUSE-based /proc fs:


If you have control of the boxes you're running your python program on it might be a reasonable solution. At any rate it's nice to have a /proc to look at!


i was searching for this same thing, and i noticed there was no accepted answer for this question. in the intervening time since the question was originally asked, a python module called psutil was released:


for memory utilization, you can use the following:

>>> psutil.virtual_memory()  svmem(total=8374149120L, available=2081050624L, percent=75.1, used=8074080256L, free=300068864L, active=3294920704, inactive=1361616896, buffers=529895424L, cached=1251086336)  >>> psutil.swap_memory()  sswap(total=2097147904L, used=296128512L, free=1801019392L, percent=14.1, sin=304193536, sout=677842944)  >>>  

there are functions for cpu utilization, process management, disk, and network as well. the only omission from the module is a function for retrieving load average, but the python stdlib has os.getloadavg() if you are on a UNIX-like system.

psutil claims to support Linux, Windows, OSX, FreeBSD and Sun Solaris, but i have only tried OSX mavericks and fedora 20.

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