Tutorial :Dynamic DataTemplate switching


I am trying to achieve the same behavior as indicated in the following post. The trouble is this post solves the problem for WPF.


Any ideas on how to do this in Silverlight 2.0?

Thanks Chris


Wait for DynamicResources to be supported in a future version. If you need to do it once (e.g. at load time), the the Silverlight Toolkit's ImplicitStyleManager is a good solution (http://silverlight.codeplex.com)...otherwise you'll have to wait. WPF is more feature rich than SL2.


Thanks, I will look into it.

We are currently using some of the controls provided by ComponentOne, and they implemented a DataTemplateSelector (similar to the WPF implementation) for their ItemsControl.

That is the approach I am using currently, but there are still some issues I am working through.

Thanks Again.

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