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I there a method to allow me to use an array as an object?

I have the following code in my main class

function  __construct()  {          require 'config.php';          $this->config = new PHPSO_Config();  }  

where the PHPSO_Config class looks something like this

class PHPSO_Config  {      /**       * The administrators email address       */      var $adminEmail = 'user@domain.tld'; //I'm using this email to test  }  

so can I accomplish the same thing and be able to access the config vars as an object without creating a second class?


You can cast an array to an object using

$myObject = (object) $myarray;  

thus the following should work (untested):

function  __construct()  {          require 'config.php';          $this->config = (object) array("username" => "root");  }  

then $class->config->username should work.


You could use PHP5 overloading to make it seem that your class has the properties provided by the config class, e.g. something like this:

class MyClass  {      private $config;        function  __construct()      {          require 'config.php';          $this->config = new PHPSO_Config();      }          public function __get($name) {          if (property_exists($this->config, $name)) {              return $this->config->$name;          }          return null;  }  

Then doing something like this:

$config=new MyClass;  echo $config->adminEmail;  

Would result in seeing the adminEmail member variable of the internal config class.

This is almost a Strategy Pattern, where the runtime implementation of a class can be selected at runtime.


I'm not sure exactly what you want, but you can cast an array to an object. Make sure you don't use numeric indices though as they don't work quite right;

$config = array('adminEmail' => 'user@domain.tld');  $this->config = (object)$config;  


Maybe I am missing something here but are you trying to replace your config class with an array, then cast it to an object? Sounds a little crazy to me. I would just have a config class, its way better design.

Its best not to go around making arrays where you should have classes.


Well yeah

there are a technique that personally I would use it:

you create a file call whatever you want (i.e. config.php) then write this in it forexample:

Whenever you wanted use these information you have to just put "require_once "config.php";" above your code like in index.php and all definition will be in that page. For example you can read database server name by typing $DB_SERVER.

If I were you I would stick to it because you can use it everywhere in your project and maintain it just from a file which makes life easier.

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