Ubuntu: Xinet tftp timeout


I trying to set up a PXE boot server.

Everything is working but the TFTP client is timing out.

TFTP connection timeout  

I am using this to setup the TFTP server. http://www.davidsudjiman.info/2006/03/27/installing-and-setting-tftpd-in-ubuntu/


service tftp  {  protocol        = udp  port            = 69  socket_type     = dgram  wait            = yes  user            = nobody  server          = /usr/sbin/in.tftpd  server_args     = /tftpboot  disable         = no  }  

ps ax|grep tftp doesn't return it running.

any idea's what could be wrong?


That seems to be a very old tutorial you have there.

What version of Ubuntu are you using ?

A more up to date tutorial can be found here:


From the wiki, you need to use the tftpd-hpa server (there are 2 servers in the repos).

sudo apt-get -y install tftpd-hpa  sudo /etc/init.d/openbsd-inetd stop  sudo update-rc.d -f openbsd-inetd remove  sudo sed -i s/no/yes/ /etc/default/tftpd-hpa  sudo /etc/init.d/tftpd-hpa start  

Ubuntu installs the openbsd-inetd pakcage when the tfpd-hpa package is installed. In our example we will simply run TFTP as a daemon and will always be listening for connections.

If you are still having a problem with a time out, can you confirm the tftpd-hpa server is running and update your question.

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