Ubuntu: Where can I check what version of the Linux Kernel is released for 12.04?


Well I am using a newer kernel on my Ubuntu 11.10 as the stable 3.0.0-14 version was causing laggy sound on my PC. After upgrading my kernel to the latest version for the 12.04 Alpha (3.2.0-8) the sound issue was solved. I upgraded by temporarily changing my sources to 12.04 ones, upgrading kernel, then switching back. I would like to know how to check which is the latest version of kernel for 12.04 so I can know when I should upgrade.


http://packages.ubuntu.com enables you to get an overview of all supported operating systems. For instance, searching for Linux; http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=names&keywords=linux, will show that 3.2.0-8 is the current version in Precise.

For a commandline tool, you can use rmadison from the devscripts package. It will present results like this (skipping most):

  jo-erlend@dev:~/$ rmadison linux       linux | |       oneiric | amd64, i386       linux | | oneiric-security | amd64, i386       linux | | oneiric-updates | amd64, i386       linux | | oneiric-proposed | amd64, i386       linux | 3.2.0-8.14 |       precise | source       linux | |       precise | amd64, i386  


You will have to monitor kernel updates yourself by occasionally checking the ubuntuupdates.org website.

For the precise linux-generic package the website URL is http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/linux-generic

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