Ubuntu: USB Mouse stutters periodically


I'm using an HP dv6000 (not sure of exact model) with a pretty basic Logitech wireless laptop mouse. From time to time, the USB mouse will be very stuttery and less responsive. Not all clicks register and the motion is not smooth. It seems like it's related to the notify-osd coming up when I get an IM or Email or whatever else, but it happens other times as well.

It's not the whole computer becoming less responsive, because if I use the touch pad during one of these fits, it works perfectly smooth. I've replaced the batteries in the mouse and have tried different USB ports with better line of sight, etc. I can't figure out what's going on. Any thoughts?


Other than those points already mentioned, check that the USB cable of the receiver isn't running close to a power cable. Some of the cheap ones can be affected by interference.

Second have a look in the LED hole of the mouse. I had a similar issue recently and it was down to a small piece of fluff in the hole.


So, REALLY dumb answer that has gotten me before: make sure there isn't a hard to see piece of lint or dust jammed into the little cavity with the mouse's laser eye. In some rare cases I've seen the cursor stop moving or even jitter across the screen by itself because of this.


Replace your mouse. (After you have done some additional ruling out to make sure you are absolutely certain).

I've had about two logitech mice do this when they got old. I thought at first it was software related until I tried other mice and the same troublesome mice on windows.

In my experience it's a standard problem with USB mice from Logitech. Appears to happen after they get dust or something in them, and they are rather hard to clean so best to get a cheap mouse and replace it.


Before you try the above - is your mouse fully charged? (If rechargable) or do you have fresh batteries? It's always been the case for me when my wireless mouse has done what yours is doing.

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