Ubuntu: Ubuntu crashed after Installing NVIDIA Driver on Additional drivers


I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 32bit on my PC with my USB Flash disk. Then, i installed NVIDIA Driver with Additional Driver. unfortunately, i forgot the driver's version, but i think it's nvidia-185.

And i reboot my pc, and showed up a ugly splash screen, and i can't passed login screen. The screens showed up a mess, and i can't login anymore.

Could you help me?


yes, i have removing my xorg.conf but it doesn't solve the problem and now i'm reinstalling my ubuntu. could you help me how to install the nvidia driver properly? not with additional drivers


I should disable nouveau before installing the driver. I got it from here : http://www.socialblogr.com/2010/10/how-to-install-nvidia-graphic-card-driver-on-ubuntu-10-10.html thanks for the advice, Mr./Mrs. lovinglinux :) and sorry for my comment before.


You need to reconfigure xorg. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=690760


Do you have an Ubuntu live CD? If yes, then boot from the CD, start Nautilus with root privileges:

gksudo nautilus  

Then browse the root directory of your system partition (not the root of the live CD user), find /etc/X11/xorg.conf and delete it.

Reboot and check if you can login successfully.

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