Ubuntu: Trying to setup webserver and not able to access from outside network


So here's the deal. I'm new to apache and just installed it today. I got the dirs setup and when I type my IP address (from my ISP) into a browser it pulls up the site fine, but when I try to access it from outside my home network using the same IP I get a 404 not found. I've got port forwarding setup on my router for port 80 and my I checked with my ISP to make sure they didn't block port 80 incoming connections. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Try putting the IP address in DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).

For me it looks like this:

alt text


It may not be your ISP. if you're on cable/dsl log into your modem's properties. Most of them now-adays come pre-equipped with a firewall as well. I had to disable the firewall on my Motorola Surfboard cable modem to serve up my own Port 80 content.

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