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Installing packages in multiple systems

Is it possible to easily transfer one PC's packages into another one either over a network, but mainly through usb or dvd-rom medias? In another words, to duplicate or copy the installed packages into another one (think, Copy/Paste).


Try aptoncd. This might be what you're looking for. Doesn't do deb's I think.


If you are trying to make a copy of your setup you could follow the first post from this link,


However you will need internet access.

If you don't have internet access on the second PC, and the packages are no longer present on the first machine, do a download only and then copy the files across using a USB stick.

sudo apt-get --download-only packagename


Yes.. you can copy the debs contained in the folder /var/cache/apt/archives and paste it into the target pc's folder.

Know that this will only copy the debs. Installation of the softwares will have to be done manually through software center or through synaptic.

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