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Purchased a refurbished laptop; love it, but the previous owner has an administrative password installed. How can I overwrite their password with my own to allow the latest Ubuntu upgrade and program installations?


Check out this link How do I reset a lost administrative password? I think this will help you reset the password.

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The Fact is Recovering the Password and all is not that easy as shown in the link suggested by Lance Hietpas.

Do a backup if items and re-install it , or ask the old owner for password.

Remember a fresh new installation is always better then any other option.

But if still you want to give a try clcik here..

hope it helped you.


Does your refurbished laptop has Ubuntu already installed in it? If yes then: 1.Go to Recovery mode by pressing the left shift key (left hand) 2.Drop to root shell prompt root@machine$: mount -o rw,remount /

adduser username(<- your name) sudo adm or useradd username sudo adm

shutdown now

once you have entered the OS, your username should appear to the log in screen. Then you can now delete the previous user. :D

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