Ubuntu: Problem on mounting partitions after create new account


I created a new account(administrator) and delete the first account .

In this new account , The partitions are access denied . Some error like these are occur : "You are not owner" "You don't have necessary permission to access "Software"."

I updated my ubuntu , two win7 and one winXP , can any one help me to solve it without risk ?

Thanks .


The previous account is probably the owner of the files in the partition. If the partitions are ext (Linux) you only need to go to a terminal and replace the owner of the files (as you deleted the 1st user, you don't need to access the files with it anymore).

sudo chown -R new_user_name /the_place_you_mounted_the_partition  

-R is to apply the command to all subdirectories, you can check chown command with man chown

After you can check if it worked using ls -l /the_place_you_mounted_the_partition

If you have more users to share the partitions, after that you can create a group, assign the group to the files and place the users that need access in the group.


In /etc/fstab:

#Entry for swap partition :  UUID=dff20e79-bdef-4615-b582-6790c45d37a1       none    swap    sw      0       0  

with UUID = swap partition UUID

NTFS partitions:

in /etc/fstab:

#Entry for /dev/sda6 (NTFS partition) :  UUID=01F49D053D1E38F0   /mnt/dados      ntfs-3g defaults,suid,dev,exec,locale=pt_BR.utf8        0       0  

locale= is only if you need special locale config, you can discard it if English.

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