Ubuntu: No Root File Defined? [closed]


Guys please help me on how to install ubuntu in my system.At present i am using Windows 7 ultimate version.My configuration 80GB HDD.C/:40GB,D/:20,E/:19GB.

Now I want to replace whole win7 in C drive with ubuntu OS. When I am installing it, I am getting an error message saying "No Root File Defined...please correct in the partition order.....bla bla...."so please help me on installing ubuntu...


During the install you are asked to partition that part of the disc you want Ubuntu on. At least 1 of these partitions has to be named / (ie. root).

Example image:

enter image description here

The ext3 partition in the image needs to have a mount point name / for the system te continue the install (assuming the 1st one had windows on it (NTFS) and the 2nd one being swap).

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