Ubuntu: MP3 player with good podcast support?


By good podcast support I mean:

  • resuming the audio files where I switched off the player or skipped the file.
  • Synching with my podcatcher (currently I'm using Miro but I could change): deleting episodes, I listened to and copy new ones from my HDD to the player.
  • A wifi capable player would be great since I wouldn't need to switch on the computer but this is not mandatory.

I also have an additional condition: The player should not be manufactured by Apple.


I have a Sandisk Sansa Clip, which can be used in MSC- or MTP-Mode. It plays ogg files and can resume podcasts.

It is recognized well with ubuntu/banshee.

The only problem is, that the player's podcast folder is outside the music folder. But banshee stores podcasts in music/podcasts. So the player doesn't recognize all podcasts as podcast. The unrecognized files are treated as music and resume after you switch the player off, but doesn't remember the last position, when skipping the file.

When using the player with banshee, you have to manually define which episodes you heard with the player after that it automatically synchronizes your new episodes and removes the old ones.


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