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I use the Microsoft Natural MultiMedia Keyboard 1.0A. The keyboard is not a wireless board. The Escape button and the function keys have never worked. I am currently running on 10.10. On previous incarnations the keys never worked either. However a recent journey through all the Microsoft options in System > Preference > Keyboard > Layouts suggested that the Escape button could be functional. The current setting is Generic 105-key (Intl) PC. Can I find out whether the keys can be made to work or not?

Of the top buttons, nothing happens when I press My Documents; a small red cross appears at the top right of the screen when I press My Pictures and the Media, Mail and Web/Home buttons work just fine.

Thanks, Anthony.


That looks like one of those non-standard keyboards where you have to press the F-lock key before you can press a function key? Doesn't that work?


your last question was: "Okay,let's put it this way. My keyboard is a non-wireless Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A. How do I get the kernel to recognise the keyboard? â€" Anthony Burman Nov 22 '10 at 19:57"

From what your saying the problem however doesn't seem to be that the keyboard isn't recognised. You say that you get a red cross when you press pictures. that means Ubuntu get's input but just cannot comply.

The suggestion above is correct but perhaps brief. let's take the "my pictures key". if you want it to open shotwell when you press "pictures key" you should open System>Preferences>Keyboard Shotcuts and click "add" in the bottom. A screen pops up where you can enter the command: in the case of shotwell this will be: /usr/bin/shotwell

By default it will still be disabled but if you click "disabled" you can than press the button on your keyboard that you want to associate.

(for other programs you could try to locate them in the terminal: locate program-name |grep bin (you will than have to choose the one in /usr/bin or /bin) if you want to boot a certain gnome applet you could try: locate gnome |grep bin ,it will show you a lot of gnome applets, names should be pretty explanatory.)


It should be possible to go to System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts and select your wished action.

For example select "Home folder" and press your My Documents button if you wish to open your home folder with this key.

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