Ubuntu: Kernel Panic: line 61: can't open /scripts/functions


I'm facing a problem with all the kernels installed at my system (Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit).

Installed kernel versions: 2.6.32-21 up to

The booting halted with the following error:

init: .: line 61: can't open '/scripts/functions'  Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!  Pid: 1, comm: init not tainted  

Only the first one (2.6.32-21) was working up until know.

I asked for help at ubuntuforums.org and i was told to check if there's any problem regarding my graphics card (ATI Radeon).

I uninstalled all the ATI-related packages as well as all the unecessary xserver-xorg-video-* drivers that were installed.

I then rebooted and from then on ALL of the kernels halt with the same error (i.e. it didn't fix the problematic kernels, it just broke the only one that was working...)

Any ideas on what i should try next?

Thanks in advance.



Problem Solved!
To anyone interested, here's my solution:
It was update-initramsfs which caused the above errors (invalid predicate -regextype' find: invalid predicate -regextype').
The created initrd images were broken.
Something was wrong with findutils, so I just reinstalled the package (as well as initramfs-tools) and the problem's gone :-)
Thanks once again for helping out.


Try booting into recovery mode. If that works, run sudo update-initramfs, reboot. See if you can boot into the normal mode.

If recovery mode is not working, I think the only viable way would be to reinstall (back up all your files from /home somewhere, reinstall, copy them back - use a LiveCD for that).


I had, ones in a life time Kernel Panic... and it was scary :) The problem was related to a hardware failure. In my occasion, it was a newly purchased RAM module. The first time I installed the module, system was booting normally, but suddenly it started to give me kernel panic. What I did, was to check my RAM.

In the GRUB menu there is a an entry for Memtest-86+. Try it, to see if something is wrong with your RAM. Be patient though, it may take some time to give some results...

UPDATE You can use Live CD and then from the menu choose Test memory

alt text


  1. Boot using cd
  2. Mount existing ubuntu
  3. chroot to existing ubuntu
  4. apt-get install --reinstall findutils
  5. update-initramfs -u

This worked for me

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