Ubuntu: How to select from which source a software must be installed?


Here is my problem: I'm using Lucid Lynx and would like to have the latest version of freeciv.

The latest version I can get without adding a PPA is 2.1.10-1, it is in one of the default sources (Don't know which, Universe or Multiverse probably). The current version is 2.3 or something.

I followed instructions on how to get up to date versions by adding ppa:kgoetz/ppa to the list of the sources. No problem here.

After reloading the sources, the version I can install is still the 2.1.10-1, the one from official sources. From the Synaptic Package Manager, I could "Force the version", but the item is disabled in the menu.

My question is: is there a way to override or select a particular source when installing a software?

This question is, of course, not limited to my particular case but to a global use of software sources.


The kgoetz PPA doesnt have a version of FreeCiv for Lucid.

Probably the best source of opensource Lucid games - and the latest version of FreeCiv is playdeb.net.

They have packaged v2.3.1 for Lucid - download links

enter image description here

Its probably best to stick with the "stable" versions in the repository. However, I've found that the playdeb.net games are actually packaged very well - and the developers behind the site are very responsive to any issues and if you contact them, usually turn around a packaging fix very quickly.

You are correct to use synaptic manager to force versions - I rarely use this option unless there is a package issue with the latest update.

Obviously, if there isnt a newer version available either through PPAs or the standard repositories - you will not be able to force versions and hence the menu option would be greyed out/disabled.


ppa:kgoetz/ppa doesn't have a package for freeciv, and it doesn't have packages for Lucid at all (but only packages for tweepy and creepy, both only for Maverick), see https://launchpad.net/~kgoetz/+archive/ppa/+packages). So adding it doesn't get you any new software.

In general the package manager always gets you the latest packages that available for your distribution in your software sources

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