Ubuntu: How to install ochem for texlive


I found this package for latex that gives me the ability to typeset organic structural formulae and reaction schemes for chemistry. I'm having trouble with installing it though.

I read through the installation steps in the manual and it tells me that I need to edit the install.cfg.UNIX file which contains:

[PATH]  BINDIR=/usr/local/ochem  M4BINDIR=/usr/bin  INCDIR=/usr/local/ochem  DVIPSDIR=/usr/local/tetex/dvips/ochem  STYLEDIR=/usr/local/tetex/tex/latex/ochem  MODULDIR=/usr/local/ochem  DOCDIR=/usr/local/ochem/doc    [SYSTEM]  SYSTEM=UNIX  

So I edited the file to this:

[PATH]  BINDIR=/usr/share/ochem  M4BINDIR=/usr/bin  INCDIR=/usr/share/ochem  DVIPSDIR=/usr/share/texmf-texlive/dvips/ochem  STYLEDIR=/usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/ochem  MODULDIR=/usr/share/ochem  DOCDIR=/usr/share/ochem/doc    [SYSTEM]  SYSTEM=UNIX  

When I try to install the package, it says that it works, but when I try to typeset one of the examples, it tells me that it can't find ochem.sty. I then tried navigating to the directories that the install was supposed to make and they didn't exist. So I made the directories manually and tried the install again. I still get the missing ochem.sty error.

Did I edit install.cfg.UNIX correctly? My latex distribution is texlive 2009 on Ubuntu 10.10.

EDIT: I did try running sudo texhash and it still doesn't work.


Check if it will work if you have a copy of ochem.sty in the same location as your latex source file it is likely located in /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/ochem, if this works then it is likely that you need to just run; sudo mktexlsr in your terminal for latex to re-examine all of your style files,


You have to run sudo texhash to update LaTex database of local packages. Without this, LaTeX can't find them.


A workaround is to look for graphical packages using synaptic under the term "chemistry."

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