Ubuntu: How to get a 3 screen setup working- what hardware? [closed]


I am looking to put together a new desktop computer. For the last couple of years I have been using a DELL laptop plus an external screen using Twin View and this has worked nicely.

Now I would like to move to a desktop with a 3 screen setup using 1 video card. Is this possible, if so what would be the best hardware (video card) to use?

If its not possible I can stick with a dual screen setup, but again my questions holds, what video cards would be recommended?

One caveat. I am a hardcore addict with compiz fusion. I can't live without out it So the setup has to work with compiz fusion.

Any input is greatly appreciated!


For a new desktop computer you would want an Eyefinity enabled video card.

I personally use an XFX HD 5870.

Most, if not all, video cards that support three monitors will require either one monitor to have a Display Port (read: Very expensive monitor) or you to buy an active display port adapter. Those run around $90. Passive ones will not work.

So yeah. What you're looking for is an Eyefinity enabled ATI video card. Even the ones with two DVI ports, one HDMI port, and one DisplayPort will require one of your monitors to be hooked up to the display port because it can't pull power from the 3 others at the same time.

EDIT: Also, any of these cards should be beyond powerful enough to support Compiz.


Unfortunately, there are no triple-head video cards for notebooks that I know of. What you could do is purchase a DisplayLink based monitor for the third screen as they have a built-in video card. Compiz would not work on that display, but you could probably keep it on the other two.

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