Ubuntu: Error installing cinnamon desktop package


Saw this article at howtogeek.com for cinnamon desktop alternative.

Per the article, I successfully added the repository to ubuntu 11.10:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:merlwiz79/cinnamon-ppa

But then got these error messages when I try to install with:

sudo apt-get install cinnamon cinnamon-session cinnamon-settings

I get these faults:

E: Unable to locate package cinnamon`  E: Unable to locate package cinnamon-session  E: Unable to locate package cinnamon-settings  

Any suggestions to help resolve? Thanks!


You need to do sudo apt-get update to update your sources list, if you did that please include that step in your question, without it it wont work.

The steps to use an additional source is:

  1. Add the source
  2. Update your lists with sudo apt-get update
  3. Install packages with sudo apt-get install foo1 foo2 foo3

I have looked at that PPA and cinnamon-session cinnamon-settings packages do not exist, cinnamon is the only one you need to install.

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